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Our first West Coast Maritime Training class in Bremerton.
Back row: Capt John H., Capt Michael K.,Capt Gerald G., Capt VS Elkinton, Capt David R., Capt Boe E. Seated: Capt. Joe L, Captain August L., Capt Mike W., Capt Micah L.


On 11 April 2016, nine maritime officers descended upon Bremerton, WA to attend a five-day Leadership and Managerial Skills Course.  They came from as far away Wyoming, central Oregon and Montana  and nearby Washington. 

Almost all were from different companies in different trades and did not know each other, but by the end of the week, all had become friends.  This is the nature of the course where the class works in several group scenarios working, listening and exercising some leadership and management concepts taught by the class. A bond is created.

This class was additionally special since they became plank owners as the first class of our newly opened school. Here they are.  (The red suspenders are an inside class joke.)

 Alaska Class Complete

Ketchikan, Alaska - We would like to thank our friends at the University of Alaska South on Ketchikan island who hosted us 2-6 May.  It was a wonderful class with a great mix of Alaskan Marine Highways personnel, pilots, tug boaters, staff and fishermen.  Our plan is to teach up there again in early fall once the busy season is over at a time TBD.  The Marine training center is an excellent facility with a tremendous staff.  What a great resource.  See their website for more classes. Check back here when we schedule our classes they host with us later on. http://www.ketch.alaska.edu/career_ed/maritime/index.html



 Volunteer Community Service in Lieu of Tuition:

 We have gotten several calls from mariners who are not working or who are between ships where the full tuition would be difficult.  Please give us a call if this applies to you.   We will gladly swap some tuition for your pre-arranged volunteer work at places like Habitat for Humanity or a homeless shelter.  This is a win-win-win situation:

  •  You win because the tuition is more affordable - and you will need this certificate to find work.
  • The class wins because we don't have any empty seats,
  • And your community wins because while you are looking for work, you will be serving your community.

                Give us a call and we'll talk about it! 360-621-7975

Call about our 'Bring a shipmate with you' and get a $100 bill in class!!   If you get a shipmate to take a class with you, we will give you a $100 dollar bill for each shipmate you bring!

Testimonials from our students:

  • Testimonials from our students:

    “Greetings All, Just completed the 5 day Leadership class with Cap' Virgil. He has a SOLID maritime background, and put on a great class.” MtSkier From g captain forum dtd 15 April 16

    “Good Class!” Capt Boe E.

    "Thank you for such a valuable and interesting class. Well worth it!” Capt Joe L.

  • Testimonials from our students:

    "Hearing horror stories from co-workers (all of who took this course at other different places), I was dreading this class. I could not be any more pleased with the class and the quality of instruction. Highly recommend." -Frank D.

    "Best Management and Leadership Therapy ever." Capt August L.

    "Class was informative." - Audra

  • Testimonials from our students:

    "I was impressed with the quantity and quantity of the information presented. I would highly recommend this course for meeting the STCW requirements" – Richard L.

    “Virgil Elkinton has a vast and varied amount of sea experience (which) makes him an ideal educator” Capt John H.

    “The Class was well organized and presented excellently” Capt. Mike W.

  • Testimonials from our students:

    "An Excellent and engaging instructor. Clearly well versed and interested in the subject material. Very relevant topics to both today’s work place and shipboard management. Just because certain behaviors are not illegal does not mean they are ethical -does not mean that they can be tolerated in the workplace. The loss to the company can be very high in real dollars terms for not dealing with those workplace issues." - Larry O’

    "Virgil went above and beyond normal USCG requirements and has created one, if not one of the best and most interesting classes that I have attended. Kudos!" -Capt. Jeff R.

  • Testimonials from our students:

    "Capt. Virgil was a great instructor for this class. He showed great enthusiasm for the subject. I know I will be using what I learned in class both in my professional and private life." - Capt Russel F.

    "Learn something interesting about yourself, SURPRISE!" - James C.

    "Experience always shows up in an instructor." – Thumbs Up! Mike L.

  • Testimonials from our students:

    "The instructor is fun, energetic, and presents the information in a connectable way. Enjoyed the exercises! Personal quizzes brought them home & did the tests with (my) significant other- We had fun and learned a lot." – Trygue. W.

    "A solid foundation in Leadership and Management theory." – Mike. L.

    "The class was more than I expected. Was really expecting and HR seminar. This was a very informative (class) and provided a litany of useful tools for work and life." – Lee W.

  • Testimonials from our students:

    "I found the class very informative. The instructor’s first-hand real world experience helped mold this “required” class into a course of instruction that I not only found helpful, but I could apply in my own circumstances." – Ron L.

    "Virgil was an excellent instructor. He involved all students in the class material, held our attention, and provided good information and thought provoking ideas and feedback." – Doane B.

    “Thanks Virgil. Well Done with the course. Very Informative.” Capt. Micah C.

  • Testimonials from our students:

    "Virgil went above and beyond normal USCG requirements and has created one, if not one of the best and most interesting classes that I have attended. Kudos!" -Capt. Jeff R.

    “Great school teaches you what you need, also easy to ask questions about any materials in the study guide.” -Andy T.

    “Thorough. Informative.” -Leigh M.

  • Testimonials from our students:

    “Although the class was mandatory, Capt. Virgil was excellent and made the material interesting and useful. I will be implementing many tools learned in this class in my professional and personal life.” -Brian H.

    “Interesting and informative course…It will help me be a better manager at sea.”- Michael H.

    “Great job, Virgil! Well delivered, fun topics. Made the required rewarding and relevant.” – Scott W.

  • Testimonials from our students:

    “I definitely recommend Capt. Virgil to future mariners. These experiences are well/greatly related to the course. Great class,” -Ray V.

    I really appreciated Virgil’s enthusiasm in class and his passion for this material. He was able to very successfully relate the principles of leadership and management to the shipboard environment.” -Jon K.

    “Great course. Good location. I was able to squeeze this in my busy schedule because of the many classes available. Thanks!” -Dave R.

  • Testimonials from our students:

    “Virgil is very knowledgeable and passionate about the subject matter while making it relatable to the mariners.” -Ryan W.

    “Virgil is the best 30,000 foot pilot I have ever flown with. He covered a sleepy subject with life and excitement.” -Chris B.